Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Liv Doll Hayden

This Fall the Liv™ dolls, Daniela, Sophie, Katie and Alexis, are happy to welcome a new BFF to the
crew. Introducing Hayden!
Hayden just moved to town. She’s the ultimate animal lover and will take care of anything that moves
(literally!). She’s always taking in strays: dogs, cats, mice, spiders, whatever! Her buds may not love
all of her furry friends, but they’re thrilled to have her as part of the crew.
Hayden is the same real teenager as the rest of the Liv girls, with trend-setting styles and cool features
like easy to change wigs, 14 points of articulation so you can create lots of great poses, and real
glass-like eyes! Just like the average teenager, Hayden and the Liv girls are fun, funny BFF’s who
each have distinct personalities, likes, and dislikes. They all face the same challenges of growing up
as real girls everywhere!

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